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I'm reading with my community! Wednesday 10-25-17 at 7:30 PM PLEASE COME if you can.

I have been the reluctant performer, hiding in the audience, loving the folks I see, lying to myself, thinking I don't have much to say or, even more self-centered, what I have to say doesn't matter.

I'm over it. No more. I will do what I am supposed to do, for sure, and deliver my truth.

This is my "debut", the new beginning, AND I will be performing regularly, from here on out, so get used to seeing my name. I will be at SheSaid/HeSaid on Thursday night, too and I will be at Definitive Soapbox on Friday night, sharing with the poets. Gulp and watch me go!

So come with me, see my debut, I want to share.

And there will be some amazing poets and performers for you to see and hear.

"Dope" as folks say these days.

For me they are just plain old good...very good!

Also, Hiram is the best emcee ever. He's really good too.

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