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“Come on,” she growled impatiently. She had finally caught her full breath. And in a gesture that seemed like it was designed to save face, she gave me a final command, “We haven’t got all day.”                        from White Hair

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Inexplicably Irrational 
Launch date: October 13, 2018
This collection is a wonderfully observed compilation of scenes of modern life. Some are short, some are short-shorts and one is a monologue straight from the speaker's mouth. They are set in America.,One is set in the teeming streets of New York City, a trailer park in southern Florida, the exotic massage parlors of Los Angeles and a sleepy town in middle America. A grieving mother gets arrested; a woman implores her cancer-ridden sister while talking to the Moon; a young woman exacts an unexpected revenge on a sexually abusive father. Each character is bound up in a sense of duty, love, compassion, and commitment until their lives inevitably collide and not always in the ways they had hoped. 
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Afterbirth (coming soon)

Annie Archer is a 26-year-old RN who has transferred into the maternity unit after five years in Labor and Delivery. She chose to move on because she wanted to be with mothers and babies as they recover from the arduous efforts of childbirth. An avid outdoorswoman, Annie enjoys her time on ski slopes, camping, and backpacking through the majestic Sierras. In spite of her physical endurance, she is unprepared for what will meet her on the post partum unit. She is soon confronted to the outer edges of her resilience, unsure if she can sustain her own dignity as she faces the trials that await her.  

        Irene: a (fake) memoir (coming soon)

Irene: a (fake) memoir, is a painfully pointed story of how the tragedy of sexual assault in female children affects the way in which women behave as adults both in their sexual and emotional lives. This beautifully crafted story is told with love and heart. Irene, a first-generation Polish girl is left to fend for herself in the aftermath of the disgrace she experiences in her blue-collar home set against her deeply embedded Catholic culture. As an adult, she attempts to soothe the pain and shame with alcohol and drugs eventually spiraling her into the alleys of the Tenderloin District. The story spans the continent beginning in New Jersey and ending in the streets of San Francisco. Irene: a (fake) memoir takes on themes of love, betrayal, loyalty and forgiveness traversing the topography of family.    

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