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Carol Anne Perini


   - born in New Brunswick, New Jersey 

   - by age 9 she had lived in:


- a trailer park on the Tamiami Trail in Florida

- a small mountain town nestled into the foothills near the eastern face of the Appalachian Mountains

- on the estate of Doris Duke in New Jersey, her father being Doris Duke’s chauffer

- in a small blue-collar factory town in the heart of central N.J.


After high school and college, Carol Anne traveled the country with others and by herself in:


- a bread truck

- a Volkswagon

- a 1961 Corvair

- a Rambler

- a Honda

- a Ford F150 pick-up truck

- a Ford Ranger with a trailer on the back

- a few more she cannot recall.


She has lived in each of the following states:


- Manville, South Bound Brook and Hillsborough, New Jersey

- Brooklyn, New York

- Baltimore, Maryland

- Kissimmee and Tamiami Trail in Sarasota, Florida

- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- Raleigh, North Carolina

- Denver, Colorado

- Phoenix and Cave Creek, Arizona

- …and finally, permanently, Long Beach, California


Carol Anne has been in all but 2 of the United States, the state of Washington and Alaska. She plans on rectifying that in the next year. 


Each of the journeys Carol Anne has taken has provided a richness of experience she otherwise could have only read about in books. She brings the incomparability of these experiences into everything she writes.














As a child, Carol Anne was an avid reader. In her early childhood she consumed stories about Molly Pitcher and Florence Nightingale, stories of early nurses and the comfort they brought to soldiers in war; stories about families depicted in Cheaper by the Dozen; mysteries like Daphne du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel; and stories of hope and redemption from author Betty Smith - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Maggie-Now and Joy in the Morning. Her mother once caught her tucked deep in a small closet in her room, reading with rapt attention consumed by the marvels of the relationship of Huck and Jim in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Her mother was worried she may become too bookish and pulled Carol Anne out of the closet sending her out-of-doors to play. However, and much to her worried mother’s dismay, she read The Diary of Anne Frank at ten years of age. This story changed her life. Carol Anne wrote her first short story the same year.


For the last four years she has been a member of Community Literature Initiative, which is a Los Angeles based community writing program based at USC. It supports writers who are interested in publishing their works and connects the writers with publishers. She had an opportunity to teach one of the year-long modules and facilitated several students to bring their manuscripts to conclusion. The program produces approximately ten to fifteen published authors each year.


She is a committed writer and now that her short story collection, Inexplicably Irrational, has been published, she is working on her first novel, working title, Afterbirth. Her second novel, Irene: a (fake) memoir, is partially finished and she is also planning a 3rd novel about women in recovery, working title not yet revealed.





It is the writer's job to speak their own personal truth, healing the planet one word at a time. 

- Carol Anne Perini

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - steps of the brownstones in Brooklyn circa 1955

      Molly Pitcher notoriously 

      assisted the soldiers in many                ways. 

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