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...another prompt 21 Days to Disciplined Writing

Some might call it pink...

Camari gave us another prompt.

This one is to describe ourselves using color.

Which ones are you?


I don’t see color very well. I have a friend who is a colorist/stylist who has helped me to know that fact. So often she will say to me, in kindness, “can you see the gray?” or “try seeing the green, honey” or “blue could be the biggest undertone.” Once she tells me what the underlying tones and colors are then I can see them. But I have to be told.

In spite of the fact that I don’t see color as others perceive them, I see color as I see color. I think color is relative, that's why Camari asked us to describe ourselves in terms of color. All things are in the eye of the beholder and I have come to understand that when others are looking at colors, they will see them differently than I do. So when I am with others I ask, “what color would you call this?” but I also appreciate that I am seeing what I see and they are seeing what they see. I see color as I see color and as I see color is good enough for me.

My friend the stylist has assisted me to see color in another fashion, beyond fashion. She has helped me know that there is power in whatever color I see and that each of us has colors that resonate with our personalities. I am a “fall” or a Tone III on the color scale. I resonate with warm tones, rich fall chocolate browns, deep and wondrous greens, playful and effervescent oranges, passionate burgundies and magentas and soft beiges and bone. Gold is the best metal tone for me. It contains rich reflections as it shines in a palace ballroom or a sequined gown or trinkets hanging on my neck. However, out of all the colors and tones, the one that resonates most gloriously with my personality is purple. Purple and all of her close, and distant, cousins shine on me, sharing the stateliness that is completely mine.

There is the color of Sangria, a sweet wine filled with fruits and spices, a love potion for the romantic, the instigator in all things sensual.

There is Amethyst, another lover, the birthstone of the Aquarian twins, but a guardian as well. Artemis, I imagine, would have worn this as the color covering her quiver, holding her bow and arrows, fending off foes.

There’s Jam and Mulberry, Plum and Boysenberry, sweets to fill the heart of a queen, sensual gifts reminding her of her loves.

Violet dances in the flowers her suitors bring.

Periwinkle and heather are born in the spring.

Mauve, the resilient one, stays with her in her evening clothes, gently caressing her skin as she slides in for the evening, her one and only waiting for her, a vision.

I am the sensual queen clothed in the softness of mauve. I am brimming with silent power, ever watchful, taking in all that is around me like the amethyst of Artemis. Born in the fall, I am the responsive one who like Sangria dances with her lover. I am the resilient one, like the purple that I am, I am a combination, blue and red, brimming with gifts as yet to be unknown.

Namate' y'all

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