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It is desperate. Most people think it only happens in "faraway lands." But it happens right here in America, every day, and it is run by folks who are driven by greed and power and gender discrimination.

This blog post is not intended to explore all of the elements of human trafficking or sexual aggression. I just want to spread some light on the subject. Let's take our heads out of the sand for a minute and take a strong look around the landscape of enslavement of female humans. It is happening here, in America, as we speak. This article from the Atlantic speaks of it in general terms exposing the sins of ignorance...ignoring what is around us.

But human trafficking cases can be difficult to identify and prosecute. For one, local police may not believe that it is a problem in their community, according to a 2012 study by the Urban Institute.

I had a tough time choosing an image for this blog post. If you click on the image below it will take you to a brilliant article describing why I had such a tough time.

What can you do? Treat your girls with dignity and respect, educate them and support their choices. Treat your boys with the same. Give your girls a healthy sexual education teaching them to be respectful to themselves. Give your boys a healthy sexual education teaching them to be respectful to women and girls. It is that simple.

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