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France Bans Too Thin Models

Well, I guess someone cares about girls and women. Modeling agencies, not so much. They complained that having an appropriate BMI for height was going too far. The MP's caved however the models will need a doctor's certificate stating they are not too thin. Whose doctor I wonder. Read the full article here.

The efforts in France are on behalf of women. Does that mean that France is a feminist country? Uh, could be. Click here for the definition of feminism.

Whatever the case, they care about women and since no one in the modeling industry, runway industry, clothes manufacturers or sales care enough about women to protect them from these outrageous industry fat-cats requirements, the country of France has taken up their cause. Not that models have a cause. Clearly they are willing to starve themselves so they will keep their jobs.

As a normal bodied woman there is no way in hell I would ever wear a designer's clothes who "allowed" their models to walk the runway looking like that. Bye-bye Michael Kors. And, if you notice, he's portly.

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